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United States Medical Licensing Exam Preparation for International Medical Graduates

Kaplan Medical, the leader in USMLE preparation, has helped tens of thousands of students and physicians pass their medical licensing boards with higher scores and continue on to successful careers in medicine.

When Stanley H. Kaplan first starting tutoring students for standardized tests in 1938, he gave birth to a new industry that equipped people with the resources to realize their dreams of higher education.  His commitment to preparing students for high-stakes tests helped tens, then hundreds, then thousands of students master the skills needed to gain access to competitive universities and still continues to open doors for students to academic and professional opportunities.

For almost 40 years, Kaplan Medical has been dedicated to helping medical students and doctors prepare for a series of exams known as the United States Medical Licensure Exams (USMLE). The USMLE exams are essential to gain a U.S medical residency position and ultimately become a licensed doctor in the U.S.

Today, secondary school students, university-bound teens, graduate school prospects, qualified doctors, and English language learners rely on our USMLE preparation courses to help them reach their potential and realize their career dream.

We understand that every student is unique and we provide extensive options tailored to meet individual learning needs.  With state-of-the-art diagnostic and prescriptive tools created to help students achieve their best results, each student receives his or her own study plan, and teachers fine-tune lessons to ensure progress along the way.

To assist in your preparation for this critical United States Medical Licensure Exams series and the U.S. residency process we offer a wide variety of USMLE preparation courses. You can either study the steps individually for a minimum of 3 months, or get the best value for money with Delux Prep course and combine Live lectures with self-preparation in Kaplan Center.

In addition to our comprehensive course materials, study options and superior test-taking, we have an unrivalled range of facilities and services to help you achieve the highest USMLE score possible, to gain a U.S medical residency position and ultimately become a licensed doctor in the U.S.

We offer a variety of USMLE preparation courses that fit your individual needs and learning style, including live lecture courses, center-based study and online resourses.

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Live Prep in UAE: next course dates will be available in spring 2015

Kaplan USMLE Step 1 Live Prep and Online review at Sharjah University, UAE.

Seating is limited. Plan in advance.

How it worked last year

2014 Step 1 Live Prep in Bahrain, June 23 - August 21, 2014

Kaplan USMLE Step 1 Live Prep at the Royal College of Surgeons - Medical University of Bahrain.

USMLE Step 1 Live Review, 6 months Online resourses till December 22, 2014

About Bahrain summer Step 1 live courses

Why Choose Kaplan USMLE Courses?

exclusive services

Kaplan Medical has been the leader in USMLE Preparation by constantly creating innovative new products and services. We are proud to introduce a new series of personalized services and exclusive resources designed to help you score high on the USMLE and to provide you with the keys to securing a residency.

expert faculty

Our USMLE preparation courses offer students the most innovative study tools on the market. Course material is constantly revised to reflect the most current exam trends. And a staff of knowledgeable advisors is on hand to offer students the proper guidance and attention needed in order to go on to successful careers in medicine.

highest-yield content

Kaplan Medical’s research team selects topics for review that are most likely to be tested and are most important for United States Medical Licensure Exams success. In addition, all our multiple-choice practice questions are formatted in the style featured on the most recent exam administrations and reflect current exam trends.