About Our USMLE Step 1 Courses

Basic Medical Sciences

Our USMLE Step 1 Courses are based on a core curriculum focused on high-yield, exam-relevant topics and exam-style questions. Our courses include a wide variety of helpful components that will help you get your highest possible score on the USMLE:

  • Diagnostic exam with 150 questions and computer-generated performance feedback by discipline and organ system
  • Seven volumes of comprehensive USMLE Lecture notes covering Anatomy, Behavioral Science, Biochem­istry/Medical Genetics, Microbiology/Immunology, Pathology, Pharmacology and Physiology
  • Qbook with 850 exam-style practice questions and comprehensive explanations, as well as a section covering test-taking strategies
  • Subject-Based Assessment Tests. Examine your individual performance on specific subjects.
  • Full-length exam simulation with explanations
  • Exclusive offer — Personal Learning System! PLS is our newest innovative study tool for the Step 1 exam.
  • Match Class. Stay on track for the Match with this virtual class designed to bring you a series of exclusive services and resources that will show you the keys to residency success.

To decide what course is the best choise for your personal needs you need to think of:

How much time you have to visit our LIVE LECTURES in USA locations. Our expert faculty members deliver high-yield, structured live lectures giving you the most relevant content and insight into the exam. This option is ideal for those who want scheduled class times and who enjoy interaction with faculty and peers.

IllustrationIf you are unable to travel to one of our live lecture sites , we offer CENTER-BASED COURSES at over 150 centers in North America. You’ll receive access to over 160 hours of Step 1 VIDEO LECTURES ALLOWING YOU THE FLEXIBILITY to review the material at your own pace and the ability to focus on areas in which you may need more review.

Step 1 Live Prep Lectures

7 weeks*
14 weeks*
16 weeks*

* Live Prep courses are designed for US residents students. For IMG students is only available if combined with Center to form a Deluxe course.

Step 1 In Center Prep Courses

4 months
7 months
10 months

Step 1 On Demand Prep Courses

4 months
7 months
10 months

If you can not travel to USA you might select one of the online prep options: On Demand prep or Live Onine prep.

More about online courses here

We recommend: Combine Live prep with In Center /or On Demand prep!

Get the most value and the best price when enroll in
Step 1 courses cominations Please check here. You will get 4-, 7- or 10- months access to a Kaplan Center inclusive of Live lectures and Qbank Plus.

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